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Uranium Processor Mines Energy Savings

October 22, 2015


A leading industrial manufacturer is upgrading its lighting to LEDs to improve production quality as well as to save energy and money. Cameco, one of the world’s largest uranium producers, was referred to Mike Walker of Lumeneering Innovations by the staff of Veridian Hydro. After testing several types of lighting and conducting cost comparisons, Cameco selected LI to provide LEDs to upgrade all of its metal halide style outdoor lighting for its campus of buildings in Port Hope.

Based on the success of that first project, Cameco is working with Mike to upgrade its indoor metal halide lighting in the main control room of its high-security property. This is one of several projects that will result in Cameco upgrading all their current lighting systems to LED’s. Cameco is one of the world’s largest uranium producers providing about 16% of the world’s production from mines in Canada, the US and Kazakhstan. It is also a leading provider of nuclear fuel processing services, supplying much of the world’s reactor fleet.

Two Curling Clubs Conduct Lighting Makeover

October 22, 2015


The Napanee and Brighton Curling Clubs, located in Ontario, have both upgraded the lights over the ice pad and in the hospitality areas. The not-for-profit, membership-owned Napanee & District Curling Club acted first after calling the saveONenergy hotline for advice. Mike Walker of LI staff replaced one of the 95-watt fluorescent lighting tubes over the ice pad in the 50-year-old building with a 15-watt light-emitting-diode (LED) tube so club members could compare. “The lighting improvement was amazing. It was like bringing daylight indoors,” said Bill Ryan. The buildings are used year-round for social activities.

The Napanee club then proceeded to replace over 250 fluorescent tubes with LED tubes that use just 15 watts each. In addition, the club replaced over 10 lights in the hospitality area and installed dimmer switches to save even more.

When the Brighton and District Curling Club in the Quinte area outside Belleville heard about the Napanee upgrade, they decided to hire Lumeneering Innovations as well to upgrade their aging building. Brighton replaced over 260 fluorescent lighting tubes with LEDS and earned a rebate of over $2,500 from Hydro One and the saveONenergy program. “The entire lighting upgrade was installed in just 2 days and the improvement was dramatic,” said Don Godden.

General Motors Dealer Replaces Ugly Lights; Earns $7,000 Rebate

October 22, 2015


Peter Smith of Peter Smith Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC in Belleville, Ontario knew his ugly 1980’s style lighting fixtures needed to be replaced. He did some comparison shopping among several installers and viewed the lighting at the nearby Belleville Toyota dealership. “I chose Lumeneering Innovations because of their strong references from other car dealerships and their competitive prices that were almost half of another bid I received,” said Mr. Smith.

Hydro One paid a rebate of over $7,000 for the retrofit project that replaced 34 outdoor pole light fixtures as well five building-mounted lights that is projected to create $7,200 annually in energy savings. Nonetheless, the dealership has never looked brighter as you can see in this photo taken at 10 p.m.

Toyota Dealer Increases Lighting, Earns $28,000 Rebate

October 22, 2015

Jackson’s Toyota Scion is central Ontario’s largest Toyota dealer and has served the community of Barrie for more than 40 years. Owner Bob Jackson wanted to improve his dealership’s outdoor lighting so he asked his local utility, Powerstream, for more information about their rebate program and for an installer recommendation.


Bob met with Bill Bogardis of Lumeneering Innovations (LI) who is a former utility executive. The lighting upgrade included the replacement of over 125 fixtures, including canopy, floodlights, and wall-mounted lights as well as the spotlights for display cars in front of the dealership. The project earned a saveONenergy rebate from Hydro One of over $28,000 and will generate a 1.5 year payback even with increase lighting levels in some areas.

“I’m so pleased with the outside lighting that we’re planning to upgrade the indoor lighting as well. Plus, my architect is working with LI to incorporate the new lights into our new construction planned for next door,” said Mr. Jackson.

Shared Savings Program. 100% Risk-Free Financing Available For Limited Time.

September 23, 2015

No Upfront Investment, Plus You Keep the Rebate!

Upgrade your lighting system today with no upfront investment and pay for it monthly from the savings on your hydro bill. Plus, you can keep the utility program rebate cheque!

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  1. At no upfront cost to you, we will install a complete LED lighting change for every light bulb in all your facilities. Our installation will include 5 years of complete lighting warranty (material and labor), plus an additional 5 years of product warranty for a total of 10 years coverage.
  2. You will receive a rebate cheque from the saveONenergy program.
  3. You agree to pay us 70% of the energy costs you save monthly for 60 months.
  4. After 60 months, the system ownership will be passed to you for $1.00.

Next Steps:

  1. Apply for your saveONenergy grant now before the rebates are reduced by 60%.
  2. Help us finalize your lighting design and other requirements to calculate estimated energy savings and receive authorization to proceed from the saveONenergy program.
  3. Endorse the 60-month agreement so we can begin to deploy your new lighting system upgrade.

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Utilities Announce Rebate Level Changes

June 26, 2015

The Ontario Ministry of Energy has refreshed the Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) programs. Toronto Hydro will introduce its program changes on July 1, 2015. Most other local distribution companies will launch their new or changed programs by January 1, 2016. While the government has made a commitment to continue funding conservation until 2020 however, for certainty of incentive levels, the utilities are suggesting that customer act now to be assured of receiving rebates at the current levels. CDM’s popular retrofit programs pay up to 50% for LED lighting upgrades. The more energy you save, the greater the incentive. That also means paybacks can be very fast, in some cases a year or less! To learn more, contact your Lumeneering Innovations representative.

SABIC Plastics Earns Largest Hydro One Rebate

June 26, 2015

SABIC Innovative Plastics just earned a Hydro One lighting project rebate of $64,570 which makes it the largest one ever issued by the utility.

SABIC is an international industry leader in the distribution, conversion and fabrication of plastic products and associated materials for the design and use of consumer and industrial products in every part of the world. Its Cobourg, Ontario manufacturing plant’s outdated lighting system was becoming a significant financial burden. Lumeneering Innovations (LI) developed a new sustainable lighting system with sensor control and light harvesting features, which dramatically reduced energy costs.

The new lighting system will result in annual power savings of $111,020. The upgrade included the installation of 4008 4-ft LED tubes, 1354 fixture kits and lamp holders, 58 LED retrofit kits, and 450 occupancy sensors and ambient light harvesting applications. Industrial customers like SABIC are taking advantage of the utility rebates to reduce their lighting costs while improving productivity.

Belleville Toyota Upgrades Indoors and Out

June 26, 2015

After Belleville (Ontario) Toyota saw how much they saved when they had Lumeneering Innovations (LI) upgrade their outdoor signs and parking/sales lot, and noticed how much they liked how the lights performed, they invited Mike Walker of LI to come back to give them a proposal to change out all their indoor office and service garage lights as well. The indoor portion of the project was accomplished in late May to make the total lighting makeover complete.

The building maintenance staff are as excited as the chief financial officer at the improvement. The new indoor lighting system will result in annual power savings of almost $15,000 and a rebate check from Hydro One totaling over $12,000 for a project payback of less than 2.5 years. The indoor system upgrade included the installation of over 250 LED lamps or fixtures including 9 exit signs with remote and daylight harvesting controls as well as recycling of all the old lamps and ballasts.

Prince Edward County Upgrading 2nd Hockey Arena

June 26, 2015

Our last newsletter featured the amazing transformation of the Picton hockey arena in Prince Edward County. You see the project for yourself in the new video we’ve posted online at In the video, Lisa Lindsey and Richard Lightfoot from the County share the results along with LI’s own Mike Walker. The success of that project has led the County to accelerate the lighting upgrade of a second hockey arena to capture even greater savings. The second arena located in Wellington is newer but the County has learned that it can’t afford to wait until the arena lights burn out to have them replaced because both the savings and quality are so dramatic.

Hydro Bills Jumped on May 1

June 26, 2015

Energy customers in Ontario saw bill increases on May 1 and a popular monthly service charge rebate ends on January 1. Ontario now has the distinction of having nearly the highest electricity rate among the provinces, second only to PEI, according to several news sources.

On May 1, the Ontario Energy Board announced new time-of-use pricing that raised the peak rate to 16.1 cents kWh from 14 cents kWh. That means it is more than twice as expensive to use electricity between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays than at night or on weekends. Plus the “clean energy benefit”, a temporary rebate the Ontario government brought in to dull the impact of skyrocketing prices, will end January 1, 2016, which will lead to a further 11.1% increase in bills next year.

A Financial Post news article noted that for Ontario electricity users “… The increase in the past 10 years averaged over 11% annually. Recently, the Energy Minister forecast the final consumer electricity bill will jump another 33% over the next three years and 42% in the next 5 years.” A recent Toronto Sun article quoted Premier Kathleen Wynne as saying “… the new on-peak/off-peak rate differential should encourage conservation which ultimately helps keep bills down.”

That means that you can save even more by taking advantage of saveONenergyOM business incentive programs to help save even more money and electricity. There’s still time to reserve incentives up to 50% of project costs on upgrades to LED lighting. Incentives are also available when you add motion and photo sensors (for spaces that benefit from natural light) to turn on lights only when necessary.

Because Lumeneering Innovations LI is already registered with your local utility, we can “lock in” your rebate application on your behalf. That’s why business owners, tenants, and managers of real estate are working with LI to take advantage of large cash rebates from the saveONenergyOM upgrade program currently offered by the Ontario Power Authority and local utilities, including Toronto Hydro, PowerStream, Hydro One, Horizon Utilities, Veridian, and Guelph Hydro, among others.

The Lumeneering Innovations Solution, coupled with utility cash rebates, can result in a payback period for the lighting system upgrade in less than three years… and often in less than two. Contact your LI representative for a free Lighting System Upgrade Analysis to learn how much you could be saving.


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