Shared Savings Program. 100% Risk-Free Financing Available For Limited Time.

No Upfront Investment, Plus You Keep the Rebate!

Upgrade your lighting system today with no upfront investment and pay for it monthly from the savings on your hydro bill. Plus, you can keep the utility program rebate cheque!

Our Offer:

  1. At no upfront cost to you, we will install a complete LED lighting change for every light bulb in all your facilities. Our installation will include 5 years of complete lighting warranty (material and labor), plus an additional 5 years of product warranty for a total of 10 years coverage.
  2. You will receive a rebate cheque from the saveONenergy program.
  3. You agree to pay us 70% of the energy costs you save monthly for 60 months.
  4. After 60 months, the system ownership will be passed to you for $1.00.

Next Steps:

  1. Apply for your saveONenergy grant now before the rebates are reduced by 60%.
  2. Help us finalize your lighting design and other requirements to calculate estimated energy savings and receive authorization to proceed from the saveONenergy program.
  3. Endorse the 60-month agreement so we can begin to deploy your new lighting system upgrade.

This is a Limited Offer

To learn more, contact us.