About Us

Lumeneering Innovations is the Market Leader. Business owners, tenants, and managers of real estate are working with LI to take advantage of large cash rebates from the Save on Energy upgrade program currently offered by the Ontario Power Authority and local utilities, including Toronto Hydro, PowerStream, Hydro One, Horizon Utilities, Veridian, and Guelph Hydro, among others. The utility programs provide your company the opportunity to work with LI and capture substantial cash rebates for upgrading existing lighting systems with new high-efficiency Light- Emitting Diode (LED) lighting solutions. Our next-generation LED systems are already serving our clients such as Paul Sadlon Motors and Batawa Ski Hill with over 50% savings on their electrical Hydro bills.

LI is already registered with your local utility. This allows us to “lock in” your rebate application on your behalf. Your utility will reimburse you a direct incentive of 20-40% of the entire upgrade cost.

Lumeneering Innovations (LI) is a leading supplier of Intelligent Lighting Solutions to upgrade existing lighting systems with new high-efficiency Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting systems. LI operates two company divisions:

The Lumeneering Innovations Solution, coupled with utility cash rebates, can result in a payback period for the your lighting system upgrade in less than three years… and often in less than two. Contact your LI representative to learn how much you could be saving and to reserve your utility rebate.

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lumeneering Innovations. Mike is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies in the lighting, smart meter, and clean energy marketplace serving businesses throughout North America. His leadership skills, knowledge and vision in design, sales, marketing and operations have been proven in start-ups as well as Fortune 100 companies. Michael has demonstrated a consistent ability to recruit, motivate, and deploy product design, sales and installation teams to go-to-market in a rapid, yet comprehensive manner in innovative ways that leverage emerging lighting and other energy efficiency related technologies in partnership with electric utilities and other non-traditional distribution channel partners. Join Mike on Linkedin