Chickens Like LEDs, Too


Did you know that chickens are very particular about how their homes are lit? If the lighting doesn’t suit them, they won’t lay eggs. Burnbrae Farms, Canada’s leading egg producer, contacted HydroOne’s saveONenergy program and they referred them to Mike Walker of Lumeneering Innovations who helped find just the right LED lamp to meet with the chicken’s approval. As a result, Burnbrae Farms has replaced over 2,000 of its 60-watt incandescent light bulbs with 10.5-watt LED lamps. The energy savings have been dramatic, the chickens are happy, and the farm has earned a rebate totally 25% of the farm’s upfront investment.

Burnbrae Farms is a family owned and operated company that has been producing eggs for over 70 years. With farms in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta, Burnbrae Farms sells eggs and egg products to major grocery store chains, food service operations and large bakery / industrial customers throughout Canada.