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Picton Hockey Arena

Goalies can see and hear the puck now; County earns $8,000 rebate

The County of Prince Edward has earned a $8,240 rebate from Hydro One for hiring Lumeneering Innovations to update the lighting above the ice surface and viewing stands in it’s Picton Arena. The lighting improvements are projected to save the County over 124,000 kWh annually.

The Picton Arena is part of the Prince Edward Community Centre located in Picton, Ontario. The arena has a single ice surface, dressing rooms, referee room, concession booth, and seating to accommodate spectators. While it’s busiest during the hockey season, the arena is used other times of the year for events like the fair and shuffleboard.

The 29 year old arena was previously lit by metal halide lights that were starting to dim very inconsistently. Complaints from hockey goalies that they couldn’t see the puck led Lisa Lindsay, Manager of Community Centres and Events Marketing for the County to investigate upgrade alternatives. “A Hydro One representative told me about how cost-effective LED (light-emitting diode) technology has become and that Hydro One rebates were available for a limited time when upgrading to this technology.” says Lisa. “Once we investigated and learned about the better, more natural light due to LED technology improvements, the huge energy savings, and the hydro rebate, the decision to proceed with the upgrade was a no-brainer”. The County sought competitive bids to upgrade our lighting technology and Lumeneering Innovations was the only vendor to recommend a cost-saving approach to recycle the existing fixtures with the new technology.”