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Need Project Financing?

June 26, 2015

Not having the upfront cash to pay for a lighting upgrade project is among the greatest barrier for some customers to consider a retrofit project. To overcome this, Lumeneering Innovations is now offering to provide select customers with 100% financing as a pilot for a limited number of projects. For this pilot program, customers will be able to pay back the installation costs on a monthly basis with payments based on the hydro bill savings achieved so there is little or no out-of-pocket expense. Plus, customers may have the option to apply the utility rebate toward the installation cost or use the rebate funds elsewhere.

Picton Hockey Arena Improves Lighting and Reduce Energy Use by 75%

March 06, 2015

Goalies can see and hear the puck now; County earns $8,000 rebate

The County of Prince Edward has earned a $8,240 rebate from Hydro One for hiring Lumeneering Innovations to update the lighting above the ice surface and viewing stands in it’s Picton Arena. The lighting improvements are projected to save the County over 124,000 kWh annually.

Picton Hockey Arena

The Picton Arena is part of the Prince Edward Community Centre located in Picton, Ontario. The arena has a single ice surface, dressing rooms, referee room, concession booth, and seating to accommodate spectators. While it’s busiest during the hockey season, the arena is used other times of the year for events like the fair and shuffleboard.

The 29 year old arena was previously lit by metal halide lights that were starting to dim very inconsistently. Complaints from hockey goalies that they couldn’t see the puck led Lisa Lindsay, Manager of Community Centres and Events Marketing for the County to investigate upgrade alternatives. “A representative of Ontario Hydro told me about how cost-effective LED (light-emitting diode) technology has become and that Hydro One rebates were available for a limited time when upgrading to this technology.” says Lisa. “Once we investigated and learned about the better, more natural light due to LED technology improvements, the huge energy savings, and the hydro rebate, the decision to proceed with the upgrade was a no-brainer”. The County sought competitive bids to upgrade our lighting technology and Lumeneering Innovations was the only vendor to recommend a cost-saving approach to recycle the existing fixtures with the new technology.”

“It was incredible how quickly the retrofit installation was complete,” notes Lisa. “It took just a couple days to install new lights above the arena ice surface and an additional lighting system for the viewing stands. The elimination of the constant hum from the older light ballasts was the very first thing we all noticed.

Another significant improvement is the fact that the new lighting system operates on automatic sensors which means the lights only come on when the arena is actually in use – resulting in even more energy savings.

Government-owned as well as privately owned building owners across Ontario are working with Lumeneering Innovations and other qualified installers to take advantage of cash rebates for up to 75% of the project cost from the Save on Energy upgrade program offered by the Ontario Power Authority and local utilities, including Toronto Hydro, PowerStream, Hydro One, Horizon Utilities, Viridian, and Guelph Hydro, among others. The utility programs provide cash incentives for upgrading existing lighting systems with new high-efficiency LED lighting solutions.

“We’re seeing many building owners like the County of Prince Edward significantly slash their energy use while dramatically improving the lighting system quality,” noted Michael Freeman, President of Lumeneering Innovation, an Ontario Hydro qualified lighting design and installation company. “The Centre’s lighting energy use decreased from 470 watts on the ice surface to 120 watts which is a 75% savings, while the lighting in the audience seating reduced over 75% from 470 watts to 75 watts. Plus, the system comes with a five-year warranty which is important to protect the County’s investment. But as much as we focus on the energy savings, it’s always the non-energy benefits that grab the building occupants. In this case, after we were completed, the highest praise we received from the goalies was that with the old lighting ballast hum eliminated they can now hear the puck as it slides down the ice. For us, that means we scored a win!”

Batawa Ski Hill is First in Canada To Demonstrate Innovative Outdoor Lighting Technology

March 06, 2015

Batawa Ski Hill is First in Canada To Demonstrate Innovative Outdoor Lighting Technology

New LED Lights Improve Nighttime Skiing, Help the Environment

Batawa Ski Hill in Quinte West became the first ski facility in Canada to demonstrate an innovative outdoor lighting system from Lumeneering Innovations (LI) of Belleville in December 2013. The most popular runs of Smokey and Old Smokey received enhanced lighting, and for the first time ever, the Boomerang run is now lit. Michael Freeman and Michael Walker of LI joined Andrew Rusynyk of Batawa Ski Hill for a press conference and VIP preview at the venue at its season opening.

“After an exhaustive search for a cutting edge solution, Batawa Ski Hill selected LED lights that will provide superior illumination on the runs with significant power efficiencies over traditional lights used for night skiing”, said Andrew Rusynyk. “This is important as Batawa’s overriding goal is to be environmentally and fiscally responsible while providing a quality experience for our guests.”

Bryan Watson of LI oversaw the entire project — from redesign to installation to proper disposal of the hazardous materials in the previous fixtures. “It’s exciting to work with market leaders like Andy Rusynyk,” said Michael Freeman. “Batawa Ski Hill understands the value of doing what’s right for nighttime skiers while also doing what’s right for our environment.”

Paul Sadlon Motors Improves Sales While Cutting Energy Costs

March 06, 2015

Paul Sadlon Motors Improves Sales While Cutting Energy Costs

$21,000 Rebate Helps Cut Outdoor Lighting Cost by 90%

Paul Sadlon Motors in Barrie is a commercial demonstration of an innovative lighting solution from LI. The light-emitting diode (LED) lighting with wireless control and dimming has the potential to cut the dealership’s lighting costs for its outdoor showroom by up to 90 per cent as compared to fluorescent lighting, making the upgrade investment pay for itself in as little as two years. The retrofit consisted of installing 200 LED T8s in the service department, 420 LED panels in the showroom, and 52 LED floodlights outside. Powerstream, the local electric distribution company, and Ontario Power Authority provided the project funding.

This is not the first energy-saving collaboration for Mr. Sadlon as he was one of our first customers back when we introduced compact fluorescent lighting technology that slashed energy use by 50% in the 1980’s. “Our company is always looking for ways to lower our costs so we can continue to offer greater savings to our customers,” said Mr. Sadlon. “We have been the value leaders in Barrie and the surrounding area since 1971 and will continue to provide the best service on to our community while helping the environment.”

Ski under the lights in Batawa Saturday

March 05, 2015

By Ernst Kuglin

When skiers start cutting into the snow Saturday evening, some cutting technology will be lighting their way down the slopes. The Batawa Skil Hill will be the first ski hill in Canada to use a new LED lighting system.

The high tech lighting system includes 42 LED fixtures that will light three runs—Smokey, Old Smokey and Boomerang. “It will look like high noon, but only at night. The lights are that bright,” said general manager Andrew Rusynyk. “We’re pretty excited about the technology.” Rusynyk said the technology is a good fit with Batawa’s overall use of green technology. “The power consumption alone is about one-quarter of normal lighting and , of course, there are many other efficiencies as well. Over the long run we will be saving a lot of money,” he said.

The LED lights are projected to last at least 15 years compared to four to five years for traditional metal halides fixtures. About $100,000 was invested in the new technology.

“As we move forward with each redevelopment initiative in the community, including improvements at the hill, we hold it up to this lens and ensure that we are being environmentally responsible and meeting very high standards of design,” said Batawa Development Corporation (BDC) general manager Heather Candler.

The LED fixtures will result in more natural looking light and better definition of the snow conditions on the runs. “They eliminate the shadow areas, the dark pockets on the runs. Skiers will find a more consistent, bright light,” said Rusynyk.

Staff conducted an exhaustive search for the best lighting solution for nighttime skiing. Turns out they didn’t have to go too far find a suitable product. Lumeneering Innovations in Belleville was awarded the contract. “We had re-create the type of icing conditions that exist on the hill during aggressive snow making activities, which are what characterize the first few months of operations at the hill,” said Rusynyk.

Lights were tested in freezers to ensure that the new, cooler operating temperatures of the energy efficient lights would melt any snow or ice and keep the lights clear.

Rusynuk said it’s only the first phase of the lighting project. The remainder of the runs will be equipped with LED lighting over the next several years.


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